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Bring Your Brand To Life with These High Quality Brands

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Our iconic clothing is crafted for your active lifestyle, engineered for exceptional versatility so it will be perfect for work, work from home, travel, date night, golf, walking, boating, hiking, entertaining, and for showing your team pride and fan support for your favorite MLB, NFL, or NCAA College or University Team. Our clothing is thoughtfully engineered with performance features like moisture wicking, stretch, UPF for sun protection, and with easy care and time saving features such as durable collars, added spandex, and blended fabrics that are comfortable and stylish. At Cutter & Buck we share your commitment to sustainability, with our commitment to sustainable products, sustainable operations, and sustainable production. When you choose Cutter & Buck clothing, you are getting the genuine spirit of the Pacific Northwest.

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®Clique is our heart and pride. Our strength lies in the variation of our range, basic garments and accessories but also the mix of slightly more modern products influenced by today's trends. Clique is unique thanks to its extensive range of colours as well as sizes for men, women and juniors.

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Create value for our customers, both through our luxury products and the influence of their brand image.



Continuous search for the perfect blend of prestige, performance and well-being. Leader in distinctive imagery.



Maximize customer perception of value, Cultivating a sense of belonging in the company, Engage in more environmentally friendly processes and Encourage outdoor activities.

KLo continually invests in human capital because our success depends on our dedicated supply chain stakeholders. With 20 years of experience designing and manufacturing garments for major brands, our vision is based on the understanding that style, performance and warmth form a whole without the need for compromise. Our accredited suppliers all share our passion but above all, our flexible working model to offer a unique "custom" production. We are proud of the partnerships we have established and you can feel it in the product.


70% of the collection has recycled fabric.
30% of the collection uses plant-based insulation.



From a conscious effort to reduce the carbon footprint, KLo is now moving towards high quality recycled fabrics made from used PET plastic bottles. Research shows that Canadians throw away over 3 million tons of plastic waste each year but only 9% is recycled. A Let's help the environment by diverting ocean-bound plastics, reducing greenhouse gases and limiting energy consumption. 

21 plastic bottles = average recycling per jacket


Dupont's Sorona insulation uses a polymer manufactured from 37% of renewable plant-based ingredients. The innovative composition improves the formerly chemical manufacturing process into an eco-efficient biological process. This results in energy savings and a significant reduction in greenhouse gas emissions. Through daily initiatives and material choices, KLo maximizes its resources and reduces its impact in its own way.

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Berne Apparel has been in business for over 100 years, and since day one we have been committed to providing hard-working Americans with workwear that is made right, made to work, and made affordable. 


Berne offers an extensive assortment of workwear for men, women and youth. Our products are known in the industry for their rugged quality and exceptional value. Our insulated items feature warmth options for every cold-weather situation, from arctic insulation to lightweight flannel lining. Our basics lines are year-round workwear staples -- tough enough for grueling jobs and comfortable enough for all-day wear. 


Let’s get to work.® 

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