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Bring Your Brand To Life with These High Quality Brands

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Reduce tension, increase blood flow, break up scar tissue, speed up rehab and more. Theragun products are used by over 250 professional sports teams worldwide. 

Now more than ever, it's critical that people have access to safe, effective, high-quality wellness solutions. We imagined a world where whole-body wellness was attainable, effective, and natural—without a laundry list of side effects. We believe that you can feel better naturally, without harmful toxins and chemicals.

We want to give people the ability to help themselves feel better naturally. The success of Theragun Percussive Therapy and the genuine impact it's had on many people's lives helped us realize that there's so much more work to be done in the natural wellness space. There's a need for wellness solutions that are both natural and effective. So, to meet that need, which is bigger than percussive therapy, we've evolved into Therabody. As a tech wellness company, we'll continue to use cutting-edge technology and research to deliver scientifically validated natural products and services that you can trust.

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Shokz Wireless Headphones, Shokz uses patented bone conduction technology to transmit sound. Vibrations go through your cheekbones and deliver sound directly to your ear, bypassing the eardrum. High quality music and ambient sound will be heard together.

 Bone conduction is the transmission of sound vibrations to the inner ear (cochlea) bones of the skull, which allows you to perceive sound without blocking the ear canal. Even more simply put: it’s sound that is delivered directly to the inner ear without needing to pass through the eardrum. Think of bone conduction as a shortcut to hearing sound. 

Have you ever plugged your ears and sang a song, but wondered how you can still hear the tune? Or heard the sounds generated from brushing your teeth or eating potato chips? That’s bone conduction at its finest, and, along with more commonly used air conduction, your ears have been transmitting sound that way all along!

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Professional inflatable stand up paddle boards products

Having spent over a decade as a professional inflatable water sport products brand, aqua marina has been one of the most popular inflatable sup brands in the world. We are proud to offer an affordable, high quality line of inflatable standup paddle boards designed to meet the widest range of use in today’s most popular water sport disciplines.

Aqua marina Canada aims to create a range of stand up inflatable paddle boards  that combined the latest technologies, high-performance materials with 100% dedication allow all levels of riders to reach and even surpass their maximum potential. We are creating products that allowing users to break all the existing boundaries and play like a real pro.

We have an ecological responsibility and are dedicated to cleaner, greener ways of making new paddle boards with our ocean minded spirit.

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We Uncomplicate Things

Our in-house team handles everything from procurement, order fulfillment, and distribution logistics, to customer service, returns, guarantees, and insurance claims.

  • Custom kitting, personalised packaging, and letter insertion options.

  • Personalized reconciliation, accounting, and customer service.

  • Best-in-class delivery response times with hassle free returns and guarantees.

  • Dedicated account management and modern shopping experience.

Rewards Catalog

Reward with the power of choice.

Our Rewards Catalog is driven by choice, freshness. service, and innovation. Clients count on us for mission-critical rewards fulfillment and perfect last-mile delivery services. We ensure your rewards program is impactful, relevant, and keeps your loyal customers coming back.

  • Seamless and automated catalog integration & product updates.

  • First-party vendor relationships with over 350 of today’s most recognized brands.

  • More than 4,000 SKUs ranging from $5.00 to $10,000. Including gift cards.

  • Catalog management options accommodating your existing workflow.

  • Competitive industry pricing with thousands of products below MSRP.

  • Novelty and experiential rewards appealing to Millennials and Gen Y.

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The Only Original Card Protector

In 2009, Secrid introduced its first Card protector. In addition to being surprisingly handy, it is also beautiful and magical. Behind this pocketwear from Secrid lies a new world. A practical and innovative product line which has received multiple international awards for its quality and innovative features. Millions of people around the world have been using them daily for years.

But most importantly, we want people to discover how much influence their consumer behaviour has, because with every purchase, a piece of the world changes. We link this awareness to our products. With Secrid, you're carrying something good: an ethical product that is socially and sustainably produced, long-lasting and – should the need arise – repairable. As a consumer you have more power than you think, because with every purchase you make, you influence the industry. Our products are therefore not only practical, but also an inspiration to consume in a more conscious way. With an eye for the world and the people around us.

Industrial design and fashion come together in our pocket-sized essentials. Made in the Netherlands, with the greatest care for quality, people and the environment. Secrid prioritises personal, lasting relationships with our retailers, suppliers and customers. Our core principle is that the entire production and distribution chain is a way to make a positive impact on the industry and on people, through local production and assembly in sheltered workshops. Secrid maintains high standards of quality and sustainability, and by working locally with specialist suppliers we are able to raise those standards even higher each year. Because we are fully committed to the challenge of delivering the best quality.

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