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Bring Your Brand To Life with These High Quality Brands

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We offer Lanyards, bracelets, medals, lapel pins, patches, labels,

suede patches and more.

At dml creation, we take everything you entrust us with personally. That’s because we know how important it is when someone puts their name or brand on a promotional item. It’s personal to you and your clients – so it has to be to us. We make sure every job you give us is done right the first time. We make you our number one priority, taking direct, personal responsibility for everything we do. It also means going the extra distance in offering you quality products and red carpet service. Whatever you need, we offer a unique combination of rapid turnaround, quality control, and flexibility. At every step of the process, we’re just a phone call away. That’s what the personal touch is all about.

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Prodir Pens - Swiss Made!

Everything starts in 1961 when Giorgio Pagani sets up Premec. In a few years, he becomes the world’s leading manufacturer of components for writing systems. At peak times, over eight billion tips are made every year at the company’s headquarters in Cadempino for customers around the world.

The Prodir brand is created as a spin-off in the 80s. Prodir quickly concentrates on the promotional market. With Europe as its main focus, Prodir today distributes writing instruments through seven sales offices around the world.

Besides pad printing and screen printing, the head office in Lamone, not far from Lugano, is also home to the administration, sales management and general management. The plastic parts are injection moulded and the moulds themselves developed and manufactured in Novazzano. Cadempino is the centre of excellence for the development and production of writing systems. The tips, inks and refills are produced here.


Your #1 source for Canadian made, custom printed promotional products.

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SAVE THE ENVIRONMENT: Reduce Cans and Bottles

SAVE MONEY: Buy In Bulk Direct From Breweries

SAVE BEER: Fresh Till The Last Drop

SAVE FACE: Don't Share Warm Flat Beer Again

Suppliers Of High Quality Customizable Goods For Adventure, Outdoors And Your Passion. Bring delicious cold craft beer with you in a CO2 charged, double-walled, stainless steel thermos and pour fresh draft beer anywhere you go. Customization with your customer's logo available. 

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